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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweet Tooth 4 Sweet Stuff♥

I don't really have a sweet tooth.. I mean I love chocolate and cupcakes! But I'm not a huge candy eater..
I do love accessories and makeup that look like sweets!
Colorful Lifestyle has it all..
I think I came across this website through twitter! I seriously love twitter..

Anyway, there is a whole bunch of cuteness on there..
cupcake handcream, candy earrings, lots of bows.. just to mention a few!

Nooooow.. for the BEST part! Tomorrow which is Wednesday, they have a blow out sale. Not for every item they have, but there is a sale!! Now seeing the prices are already low, you can understand why I'm mad excited!! I hope some of the items I liked, are on sale. I already made an account and everything! Because they warned that OP=OP!! (meaning: sold out=sold out)
Look at some of the things I'm thinking of buying.. Don't steal them from me..

left: Douche/badmuts Icecream Sweet! funniest thing ever right?!
right: I like Cookies! Spiegeltje (Mirror)

left: Golden Crown Necklace
right: Hello Kitty Tissue Box

Just a small little preview of some of the things I thought were really cute.. Can't wait for tomorrow!
See if you like other things I didn't show or mention on Colorful Lifestyle!

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