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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the Power of Osis♥

Tinkerbell has a fairy dust to make you fly, "The Toothfairy" had an amnesia dust and Osis has a dust to give your hair more texture!
Yup, that's right.. texture..

Seeing this hair product on a tutorial (NikkieTutorials), I went browsing for it right away. That's how I found this video.. to give you a vision of the magic dust.

I definitely like what I see, but I want to experience it for myself! As soon as I can find a good deal on the internet, I'll buy it!! Did you hear about Osis+ already, or did you learn something new today like me? :D

Also watch the tutorial at the link posted above. I just found her site today and already love all her tutorials I've seen so far.

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  1. Hi girl!
    I've been using the Osis dust for years now, it's great! Bought it at the hairsalon (I live in a very small village, if they got it then you should be able to buy it where you live! don't buy it online!) XOXO


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