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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sweet on Valentine♥

For the ones counting, we still have 11 more days to go for Valentine's Day!
For me V-Day is like Christmas.. I start getting excited 1/2 weeks before, decorate the house a little and inspire my outfit by the colors of the holiday. These days I can't help but wear something white, red or pink.. Or something with kisses, hearts or just the word 'Love'. You can't help but think that this girl is head over heels in love. But I'm not, I'm really girly. So I love looking sweet.

Are you not in the mood at all, because maybe you don't have a boyfriend, just broke up with him, or are in a fight with one of your loved ones? Hope my polyvore set cheers you a little. I know it has hearts and love all over, but just think.. You don't need a boyfriend to feel good about yourself and you definitely don't need one to look cute and sweet in pink with hearts all over!
Sweet on Valentine

Now the deets:
1♥ Avanessi Rose Gold Love Ring
2♥ Hearts & Bows Black & Pink Alena Top
3♥ NARS Valantine's Day Gift for her |Holt Renfrew
4♥ Juicy Couture Fashion Velvour I love Dotty Day Dreamer
5♥ BANK Fashion - Kitsch Couture "I Love ??" T-shirt
6♥ Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Crazy for Love Valentine's Day Spring 2011 Collection
7♥ "I Love Make Up" Compact Mirror
8♥ Pure Ice: #917 Love Nail Polish
9♥ Forever 21 Sweet Bow Headband
10♥ Heart Stud Earrings
11♥ Sweet Heart Sunglasses
12♥ Sweet Glitter Pink Mirror Cupcake Stud Earrings
13♥ I Heart Umbrellas
14♥ Swan Compacth
15♥ - Pump Sisan by Friis & Company

If you look up these items, they are not all affordable! So just look for a cheaper alternative.. Pay less, Look just as Sweet!!

What are your actual plans for the 14th? Share with me! Maybe you can give me an idea of what I can do :)

(i have no idea why there is a huuuge gap between the picture and the text afterwards.. ugh)

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