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Thursday, February 3, 2011

my H&M Home Haul♥

Soooo my H&M package(bag) has arrived today =D I was so excited to open it, I was just like a little kid on Christmas morning! The difference between that kid and I was that I already knew what was in it.. But still I was excited!
One step closer to making my home a little more girly and stylish..whoohooo!

My bag consisted of 6 purchased items and 1 free catalogus!

*3 kinds of Pillow Cases:


*Free Catalogus:

Deets about the pillows: 1. fuschia square 2. soft pink with bow 3. (2x) white with illustration
Deets about the placemats: matching with pillow (2x)

All I have to do now, is buy the right cushions! I also purchased a statement ring with black tights.. I'm wearing those tomorrow when I attend the BOW WOW concert. So you'll get to see those in the next outfit post =D

What do you think of my purchased home decorations? Want them too? --> H&M Home

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