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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bow Wow Concert♥

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life!!!
I attended the Bow Wow concert/urban deluxe in Hollywood Music Hall in Rotterdam. The party started at 22:00. But I started getting ready since 16:00!! There was no way I wouldn't get in line first!! So after we ate at Burgerking near the central station, we walked down to HMH. After a while the doors opened, and we rushed in as quick as we could! Right away we made our way to the front of the stage and we didn't leave that spot for nothing!! Slowly the club got packed with people. There was a short performance from Bolle Bof. I didn't know who they were, but they were both very goodlooking. After 3 DJ's and a bunch of nervous people, because Bow Wow was taking forever to come up, finally the moment we've all been waiting for arrived! From the moment he came on stage till when he left, I was screaming the WHOLE time! NO WONDER I woke up with no voice what so ever!!
The show was amazingg!! Screaming girls, HOT Bow Wow, the performance..AMAZING!
But those weren't even the best part.. I got to touch his hands SEVERAL times!! And at one point when he was singing he was even looking at me while doing it, as if he was signing it to me!!!!! I can't even remember which song it was.. I was just staring dreamily into his beautiful light eyes.. GOSHHHH <3<3<3

In all my excitement which was A LOT, I totally forgot to take an outfit picture :( I'm Sorry.. Hope this picture will make up for it a little

This was from a big poster hanging in the club. I have 21minutes worth of Bow Wow performance on my camara, but its too Big to post!! I would have loved for you to watch it, if you weren't able to make it yesterday! :)

I wish I was going to his concert today!!!

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