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Friday, March 11, 2011

a 10 for Inspiration #005

Aaaaaand im back!!! Gosh, I missed blogging! The assignment was really killing me, but luckily I finished.. and hopefully I'll get a good grade! I was so happy to be getting comments on posts even after I was gone since Monday, thank you so much sweeties! <3

As today is friday again (how fast!) I will be sharing 10 fashion pictures again that really caught my eye!

love, like, hate? let moi know :)

i especially fell in love with the colorful wedges from the last pictures. source: Mode Junkie. i love her blog <3

now off topic: Can you guys please vote for my blog (CotS) at You can vote after every 24 hours until 16th of April. Thank you, it would mean alot <3

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  1. Love the pictures especially blonde hair, chanel polishes and the last colorful wedge! ;) x welcome back. you have been missed :)

  2. Aaw, this is beautiful !
    I love it ! ♥

    ...OH MY VOGUE!


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