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Saturday, March 12, 2011

My PIMKIE shirt ❤

I think every blogger has seen the shirt 'My blog is more fashionable than yours!' before. I wanted this shirt sooooo bad! Not to diss any blogger, but just for the fact it had blog and fashionable in it. Those words have been one my favorites ever since I started shopaholicoverhere. I was seriously thinking about buying it.

But luckily, I didn't have too! On 6th of March, there was this twitter giveaway from @Bloggers_Contest (yes, the contest where I keep asking you girlies to vote for me), because they reached 50 participants, where you had to tweet "@Bloggers_Contest Ik vind dat [twitternaam van blogger] de #giveaway moet winnen!" -translation: @Bloggers_Contest I believe that [twittername of the blogger] must win the giveaway". And apparently I was one of the 2 lucky winners with the most votes! I was so happyyy!! I didn't even know at that point that I would get a shirt, some how I missed that tweet! I was just happy, that I won..

They DM'd (Direct Message) me telling my I had to email my adress to receive my shirt and giftcard. Because I didn't know what shirt I was getting, I immediately went to the Urban-Stiletto site to pick something I wanted to get! I saw so many things, seriously! I love that webshop. Don't believe me? Go check out.. definitely stylish and trendy. I already saw so many things I want to get, so the giftcard really comes in handy <3

I had a real exhausted day when I received the U-S package in the mail, but when I saw the shirt my day instantly got better. I actually screamed, kept saying oh my goshhhhh haha :$
I thought of so many ways to style this shirt with, but I still have to buy them haha. So I took some shots with just a simple outfit. 1st photo: white laces "pants" from Pieces (I bought for €2!! in sale), New Look floral belt, black H&M hairband, Lanvin <3 H&M red lipstick. 2nd photo: same white laces, same red lipstick but with a huge blue H&M bow and hair sideways.

side note: I had so much trouble finding a decent picture to post. Shooting outfits post is sooooo hard if you're alone. I admire the people who can really pull it off.. I don't know if I can.. But the main point you should focus on in this picture, is the shirt haha. If you want one, --> Pimkie should be your next click!

Again I want to thank Bloggers_Contest, Urban-Stiletto and ofcourse the voters. ♥ And don't forget to keep on voting at USBC2011 for me (CotS) if you think I deserve to win :)

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  1. Congrats Girl
    And the second outfit is very cute!

  2. Hi girl..congratulations!! yay..looking hot

  3. Very cute shirt...nice pics Tiff!!

  4. Super Fly!!! Congrats ma!!! =D

  5. aw i love this shirt. it looks so cute on you. and i loved pimkie when i lived in spain. such a great store.

  6. Love your t-shirt! I am following you now! Please follow me too!



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