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Monday, March 14, 2011

Urban-Stiletto Giveaway ❤

If you read my 'PIMKIE shirt' post, you probably know that recently I was one of the winners from a twitter giveaway hosted by Bloggers Contest and Urban-Stiletto. My prizes were a very fashionable tshirt and a €10 giftcard. If you know about the site, you would know that Urban Stiletto is a affordable webshop, so €10 is actually very generous.

At first I was going to use the giftcard to buy some cute stuff I saw in the webshop. But I would much rather give it to one of you in my giveaway. Since the beginning of this blog, I said I would host a giveaway when I reached 100 followers, but I thought this was the perfect way to thank all of you that voted and that are still voting for me through out this competition.

I wanted to make this g.a an international one, but Urban-Stiletto only ships within the Netherlands, Belguim and Germany. But I promise my next giveaway will be international, because I want everyone to feel just as appreciated!

Let's go to the very easy rules:
1♥ Follow CotS on GFC (Bloglovin is optional)
2♥ Send a printscreen of you voting for CotS to
3♥ For an extra entry: follow me on twitter and tweet: "I entered a giveaway from @PrncszTffny and have a chance to win an Urban-Stiletto giftcard"
*the more printscreens you send, the more I enter your name..same goes for the tweets!
Today is March 14th, this giveaway will end March 31st (23:59 Dutch time).
I will announce the winner (via on April 1st. Don't worry it won't be an April Fool's Joke lol!

I'll be happy if you entered!
And remember, you can keep voting for my blog every 24 hours till April 16th!
Keep following, and you'll see more giveways coming your way :)
Thanks a million for all the support!

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  1. ik volg je via gfc en nu via twitter.
    link van de tweet is:!/Fashionisaparty/status/47538790562152448

    printscreen komt eraan!

  2. Hai Tiff!!

    Of course I follow ou on bloglovin and twitter. And vote for you every day! x

    Link van tweet:!/GlamorousGia/status/51996159463538688


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