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Monday, April 25, 2011

The Blake ❤

I love gossipgirl! I love the story, I love the drama and the fashion, ofcourse!
I love how mysterious Chuck is, I love how hot Nate is, I love how mischievious Blaire is, but most of all I love Serena! On and off screen.
FYI: a new season of GG has started again! Now back to Serenaaaa..

Blake Lively: I think she is a very beautiful and gorgeous woman.. and she is such a fashionista! I love her style! Therefore it's no shock that Blake has been chosen by KARL LAGERFELD himself to be the future face of the "MADEMOISELLE" handbag line.

But..the fashion career of Blake didn't stop there! Christian Louboutin (!) decided to name a pair of high heels after Blake! I mean hooooow cool is that?!

The shoe is called: Blake and is priced at $1,020.
Now I have to admit, I'm not too crazy about this design.. but still having one of the most exclusive brand names name a shoe after you is BIG!
I still want the shoe, haha! I wish I could afford shoes like Louboutin.. *sigh*

Are you a fan of Blake a.k.a Selena? Think she is a fashion icon too?
Let's hear!

You know you love me, xoxo. thisShopaholic

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