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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Confessions of this Blogger #003 ❤

And here is the 3rd blog feature! And a very good friend of mine!

Name: Omaily Lucas
Age: 19
Location: Curaçao
Social Networks: Facebook/Twitter/Bloglovin
Occupation: Full time Marketing Student

Are you a Fashion Blogger or a Beauty Blogger?
When I first started my blog, I focused specifically on the beauty part, but now I try to match it with the fashion part.

What is the name of your Blog? Why did you choose that name?
The name is A MakeUp Lover. I choose the name, because I suddenly started gaining some sort of love for everything beauty related and after listing several other names this was the one available.

What made you start Blogging? And when exactly did you start?
I've wanted to share my journey as I went through this world, so after brainstorming what was the best way to share it, I decided to start blogging. I was already familiar with Blogger so it was more easier for me to put everything together.

What do you like the most about Blogging?
The blogging community. I love how we all support each other and share our thoughts and experiences. It's hard to gain followers and have people commenting, but for me every single comment and followers makes me a little more happy. Its shows that people like what I share and it gives me some kind of a push to not stop blogging.

Where do you get your Ideas/ Inspiration for your Blog Posts?
I get my ideas from different sources like magazines, online websites and other bloggers. One of my favorite websites is and That's where most of my posts come from.

Have any Future Plans for your Blog?
I have a BIG plan for my blog if I keep blogging like I do now, but that's long-term and I'm not planning to share it YET :P One thing I would like to do in the short-term run is to start doing tutorials. That was actually the reason behind my blog in first place. Another this is doing outfit posts, but that will happen when I move to Holland.

Who is your Favorite Blogger? And Why?
Thats a tough call! I love so many bloggers that I can't choose just one, but I still think my favorites will keep being the magazines websites.

Do you socialize with your Followers?
Of course! I try to respond to all my mail and comments personally, one by one. I love to keep in touch with all my followers and build some kind of relationship. I really admire bloggers who started a friendship with other bloggers. How they share everything about their blogging and send presents to each other, that's just pretty cool.

What makes you follow a Blog? (What should that Blog have?)
I have to relate to the blog. There has to be things that are useful to my life so I can keep coming back.

Any last advice for an aspiring Blogger?
Don't give up! Sometimes your blog can be a little slow and you lack of inspiration, but just keep pushing. You'll see that everything will come out O.K. at the end.

What is your Personal Style?
A twist of all styles, but always keeping it classy.

Who is your #1 Fashion Icon?
Selena Gomez

What is your #1 Favorite Beauty Product?
Powder. What would my life be without it!

If you could have any career in Fashion, what would you be?
Editor-in-Chief of a Prestigious Magazine



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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the feature :)

  2. Great interview, I love that I'm able to connect with other bloggers with the same interests through this.


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