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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kenzaa: Fashion Treasures for Girls❤

For the ones that have seen me in person, know that I'm short. Think of Jersey Shore's Snooki!! (yeah that short!)
But I prefer to call myself petite. Growing up I wasn't always happy with my height. But now I definitely am! And Kenzaa might be one of the reasons!

Kenzaa is an affordable fashion webshop (located in Amsterdam) that sells a lot of very cute Korean/ Japanese/Asian-style clothing in the sizes XXS, XS en S.
Well, at least that's what says on the labels! But it is perfectly normal if one with size M or L also fit some of the clothes perfectly!
I am so in love with this webshop! I would loooooove to buy everything!
Here are some of my favorite items:

♥Puffed Sleeves and Fitted Dress with detachable Wool detail to the neck
Black Strapless Lace Dress, included with an Elastic Waist Belt.
♥Chiffon Jumpsuit with Bow in front and side pockets.
Gold-colored Shiny Satin Harem Pants (to me it looks more like a chino). The belt is included!
Pink Shirt with Ruffles in the front.
♥Faux Leather Wedges with straps around the base and a platform sole (my TOP1 on the list!!!)

I am really thinking about buying my favorites when I get the chance, especially the wedges! I instantly fell in love with these babies!!

Want to see more of these fashionable items from Kenzaa? Go visit their website and follow them on twitter @Kenzaa_nl.


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  1. I also love love their pieces! So cute and flirty. I want to buy some clothing soon from their website! :D :D

  2. Love the shoes!!! So adorable


  3. SUPER cute. I wish I was petite! Sadly, I'm super tall. I'm a new follower, if you want you could check out my blog:
    thanks! :)

  4. I need to check it ;)

    Visit and Follow my blog <3:

  5. Oh I love every single of of their pieces. I def go crazy every time I visit their website. Too bad I can't order things YET!!!! But soon, soon, soon.

  6. OMG OMG I LOVE Strapless dress, and the first dress and the pink shirt and Chiffon Jumpsuit and most definitely the wedges! <3 __ <3

  7. They have some very cute pieces. WHat I like the most about this site are the sizes :D Cause I'm petite.

    Going to order some clothing this week for sure :)

  8. I love the second outfit in the first set of pictures! haha I totally understand about being short. I think it is even harder for a guy to find clothes. Great post!

    All the best, Angel

  9. Thanks for sharing! Is it only in German?


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