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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Confessions of this Blogger #002 ❤

And here is the 2nd blog feature!

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 18
Location: NYC
Social Networks: Facebook; Twitter
Occupation: -

Are you a Fashion Blogger or a Beauty Blogger?
Fashion for the most part, although I do touch on beauty.

What is the name of your Blog? Why did you choose that name?
Indigo Impression. I chose that name at first because I wasn’t sure what I wanted my blog to be, it was just my impression of the world, and indigo is my favorite color.

What made you start Blogging? And when exactly did you start?
I started blogging mainly because I liked the idea of writing a blog, sharing my thoughts and opinions on things. I didn’t really have a focus when I started, but it gradually evolved into a fashion blog. I started in spring 2009, though I didn’t post much, so my blog has just really kicked off this year.

What do you like the most about Blogging?
I like that I can share my opinions on fashion, style, or whatever, to people who read and care about the information I am putting out. I love when I get new followers, but what makes me happiest is getting comments and knowing people are enjoying my posts.

Where do you get your Ideas/ Inspiration for your Blog Posts?
Everywhere! I’ll see a picture of a celebrity in a great outfit and want to write about it. I’ll put on an outfit I feel good about and want to take pictures. Or I’ll just hear Lady Gaga’s new song and want to tell the world my opinion on it! Also living near NYC there are so many fashionable people, just walking down the street I will see something someone’s wearing then go home and try it out on myself.

Have any Future Plans for your Blog?
Definitely. The soonest will be a giveaway I have been planning, probably around my birthday in July. Further down the line I would like to make it more interactive by starting a youtube channel for tutorials, vlogs, etc. I also want to start doing blogger features like this one!

Who is your Favorite Blogger? And Why?
I have so many favorite bloggers, but currently I’m loving Emily from the Trendy Leopard ( and Kate from Clear the Way ( and of course This Shopoholic!

Do you socialize with your Followers?
Not normally in person, though I would love to meet up with some of them. I think it would be a great way to share ideas, make new friends, and go shopping of course!

What makes you follow a Blog? (What should that Blog have?)
I think good content is the most important thing for a blog to have. I follow blogs to read other opinions on fashion, get beauty tips, and just to be inspired! I also think having good-quality photos is important, and interacting with your followers. I am always so flattered when someone takes the time to write back to me when I make a comment, it makes me a want to go back and read their blog when they post again.

Any last advice for an aspiring Blogger?
Just keep regularly posting, commenting on other blogs, and following those that interest you. People will find you and become loyal followers if you post consistently and build relationships with them. Creating twitter and facebook pages is a great way to increase traffic and stay connected with your followers. Also join IFB! I think it’s the best place out there right now to connect to other bloggers with a similar interest in fashion, that’s how I found you!

What is your Personal Style?
My style is constantly changing depending on the season, trends, weather, and location I’m in. At the moment I am really loving the 70’s trends for spring. And I think red lipstick makes an outfit instantly chic.

Who is your #1 Fashion Icon?
There are so many! But I would probably have to say Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They rejected the idea that you have to be carrying a $1,000 bag to be fashionable. They walked around NYC looking like bums, and all of a sudden everyone wanted their look, blending luxury and shabbiness into something that had never been done before. Sure, they have had some really awful outfits, but you can’t set a trend without experimenting.

What is your #1 Favorite Beauty Product?
I am in love with Avon’s Glimmersticks Eyeliner, it goes on perfectly smooth and wears all day without smearing.

If you could have any career in Fashion, what would you be?
Either a stylist, model, or blogger! I could never be a designer, I hate sewing machines.



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