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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Want me Some Ombre! ❤

There are so many hair styles I'm loving lately, but I never really change my look that often! Most of the times I wear my hair down, but I kinda think it's getting boring! I would love to change it up a little, but in the mornings I'm soooo slow but still always in a rush that it's just easier for me to wear it down. And also I think hair in a ponytail doesn't really look good on me.
But thank God for the ombre-look, that you can still change it up while wearing it down! I actually have no idea where the name came from, what it means or even how to pronounce it. Maybe oombree?
All I know is, it's genius and I'm really loving it!

Eventhough it's not a new trend at all.
Having your hair look like it totally needs a color retouch, is totally not sloppy-looking! In fact, it so fashionable..Everyone's doing it! [almost]

Forget coloring all my hair, I'm seriously thinking about doing an ombre!

After seeing this "tutorial, DIY" video from LLYMRS I found out it's pronounced like om-ber =P

What do you think of the ombre hair?


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  1. I don't like it that much!
    To my opinion it looks like you're not taking care of your hair

  2. It can look very nice. But I don't know if I would do it. Just because the ends of my hair are so fragile. But I love the idea! ;)

  3. I love the style. I have to dye my hair one of these days so maybe I'll copy this style. I'm just a little afraid, because I saw some people with it and it doesn't look as good as in these pictures. BUT you never know!

  4. I'm think doing that to my hair, going from dark red to bright red :P

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  5. Cool post...don't think this look is for me!! LOL.

  6. I didn't like it at first but I actually think it looks really good on some people. I definitely not cool enough to pull it off though lol


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