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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Confessions of this Blogger #007 ❤

And this is the 7th blog feature!

Name: Katt
Age: -
Location: Canada
Social Networks: Twitter, Chictopia, Bloglovin' and IFB
Occupation: -

Are you a Fashion Blogger or a Beauty Blogger?
Fashion, Personal Style & Accessories.

What is the name of your Blog? Why did you choose that name?
My blog is called FASHION ICE. Honestly, it just sounded right and the words seems to blend nicely. It could mean a lot of things, perhaps my love of jewelry?

What made you start Blogging? And when exactly did you start?
I had been debating to start a blog for a while and decided to finally do it one day and am so glad I did. Sharing my love for fashion and my personal style with others was my goal.

What do you like the most about Blogging?
I enjoy sharing my style and everything fashion with others. I also like getting inspired by others' blogs and looks as well as discovering new brands/designers and collections.

Where do you get your Ideas/ Inspiration for your Blog Posts?
I get my inspiration from everything everywhere! Music, art and culture inspire me a lot and I also love traveling so I take that into account when blogging.

Have any Future Plans for your Blog?
Just to keep improving it, add regular outfit posts and continue to doing what I love. We'll see what happens!

Who is your Favorite Blogger? And Why?
Ohh there are so many!! A few blogs I enjoy are Vintage Lollipops, Life in Travel, Heatstorm, Frassy & The Style Manual to name a few.

Do you socialize with your Followers?
Yes, I try to respond to every comment I get on my blog and take a look at their blogs. I feel that socializing with your followers/readers is very important as they are your support system. I am always grateful for them.

What makes you follow a Blog? (What should that Blog have?)
Someone who has a unique sense of style that doesn't necessarily follow every trend but puts their own spin to it is something that attracts me. Anything a bit edgy and bold are also things I enjoy. I'm also into photography, art and of course jewelry!

Any last advice for an aspiring Blogger?
Stay true to your style and what your interests are. Also, it's important to keep your blog interesting and upto date with content.

What is your Personal Style?
My personal style always changes so I can define it in one way. Right now, I'm into the grunge look (think studs, leather, cut offs & vintage oversized tees) meets classic looks (think camel colors, sheer & statement jewelry)

Who is your #1 Fashion Icon?
Anna Wintour

What is your #1 Favorite Beauty Product?
This often changes but right now, Revlon matte lipsticks.

If you could have any career in Fashion, what would you be?
Fashion journalist



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  1. Such a dooper dope idea! Thanks for sharing the profiles of other bloggers with us!


  2. She's adorable and loving her blog.


  3. Thanks again for the feature, it looks great! xxo

  4. I follow fashion ice! Great post!


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