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Saturday, May 21, 2011

a little Update ❤

So as I already explained, it will be a little difficult for me to blog these days as exams are coming up. And ofcourse, passing all my classes is what I want, and they're not exactly you get my point.

Nevertheless, I have a few blog updates:

1. A few days ago I have received yet another award, which is the one I'm most happy about (not that I didn't appreciate the previous awards I received), but this one is just amazing! I'm talking about 'The Best Content Award'!
I received this from the lovely Marina (Fashion.Makeup.LifeStyle)
Thank you so much girl! For the award and for the lovely comments you always leave on my blogposts! :D

2. Now for my second and last update.. After trying to figure out for a few days, how to hell people get 'personal blog' as a category of a facebook page, I finally figured it out (with a shameful face I'll admit, it's quite easy). But the point is, I have one now.. Maybe this would make it easier for people who don't use twitter and don't have a bloglovin account, to keep up with my blog.. So if you have a facebook account (by now everyone has one, right?), I'd very much appreciate it if you would like it!
Confessions of this Shopaholic
Write on the wall, leave me comments and such.. I love that :)
And if you recommend/share, it would be awesome too! Oh, you can either click on the link to like, but the easier way would be to just click on the button in the right sidebar.

So yeah, that was my little update..
Have a nice day, or in my case: night!


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  1. Congrats on another award! Keep up the good work!

    Live Life in Style

  2. conrats for the award. you 've got such a sweet blog.
    xoxo from India

  3. Congrats hon! Doing great with the blog.. Keep up the good work!


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