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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thoughts about a Piercing ❤

I always wanted to have a navel piercing, but I'm way too scared of pain and needles and such! So I never really gave it a serious thought.. and my parents weren't really fond of the idea either, so there went my piercing dream!But moving to Holland, the idea re-appeared back in my head! I am slowly building up the courage to actually go through with it.. And surprisingly my parents are cool with it. I think it's the fact that I live about 9 hours away (by plane), and the fact that I'm turning 21 in two months.. So they know they can't really forbid me to do anything anymore *evil laugh*

I think I really got excited about it, when on my trip in Amsterdam I saw this reaaaally cute belly ring in the form of a crown. My nickname is basically Princess (Prncsz) everywhere, so it was perfect! I even took the step to go to an actually tattooshop in the Hague and ask about the price and such! A step I didn't care to take before....

It looks like I have everything planned out right? WRONG!
I'm getting opinions from a lot people about it.. some say it would look dope, others tell me it doesn't hurt at all.. and then there are people who tell me the moment you want to take it off, you have a really ugly scar..
And honestly.. I have no idea what to think about it anymore!
I still think I'm going to get one, but I want more opinions and more stories!

So please help me out.
What can you tell me about getting a navel piercing?
Have any tips? Or do you know a place that sells the cutest piercings?
Let me know.

I'll keep you guys up to date about my navel :P
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  1. I got a naval piercing a few months ago and it really isn't that bad. It is juts a small pinch and done! Only thing about them tho is you gotta take SUPER great care of them. Naval piercings get infected the easiest and the most. If you do do this, make sure you clean it with sea salt in water. It will sting at first yes, but it really works to clean it out.

  2. i had one years ago, it doesn't hurt at all! but you do have to take care of it really well and clean it all the time especially for the first 6 months. some people when they take it off get a scar but not all.. mine actually got infected after I dunno how many years and got surgery to take the scar away so my advice is if you get one make sure to take really good care of it =]

  3. I got my belly pierced when I was 14 and do not regret it one bit. It's actually my favourite piercing! Yes it was uncomfrotable and a bit painful getting it done but nothing to worry about too much. ALthough it did take mine forever to heal even when I kept it clean so I suppose it also depends on your immune system. My friend took hers out and the scar is literally not noticeable so wouldn't worry bout that either. I just say get it done because you only live once and I'm sure it will look hot! xoxo :D

  4. I recently got my belly pierced. Four months ago to be exact and I can say that the pain is not that bad. It's sort of a serious pinch that lasts for about a second. After a few days it itches. The itch is the only thing that has bothered me so far but I keep it cleaned. I would say go for it. It's cute and if you are displeased you can just remove it.

  5. I got my belly pierced a few years ago and loved it but stop wearing it many moons ago. I think is a great idea and if you don't like it in a few years from now you can always removed it. :)

    <3 Marina

  6. :O Tiffy and belly piercing, Would love very nice though ;)
    First i never really liked them cause alot of people have it and it's very ordinary, but when i actually thought of getting one.. I actualyl started to like it...
    And now I'm thinking about getting mine when I'm holland which is in 18 days if im correct :D
    Ofcourse I'm not allowed to do it but I'm 18 and old enough to decide for myself what I want :)

    CAN"T WAIT (to get mine)! ^_^

  7. Gosh! Every time I see the cute belly rings, I just freak out cuz I so wanna get one.. But the fact that it'll be there 4ever just crushes the idea.. I think it's cute 4 a while, but not 4 always.. But it looks hot though!


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