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Friday, July 8, 2011

Still a Kid at size.. ❤

Yesterday I made a little Amsterdam trip..
It was a really funny trip, since we walked in the red light district! Hahah, since I moved to Holland I always wanted to see the prostitutes standing in front of the big windows. I couldn't imagine it, so I thought it would be interesting to see it with my own eyes. I saw men going in, I saw men coming out.. disturbing thoughts haha! But it was the main reason why we went to Amsterdam (don't judge me, lol) but being in Amsterdam you can't help but to shop a little!

Strange enough, I didn't shop that much! Saw a lot of cute things, a lot of expensive things... but when it came to my size.. not much! I hate that.. Especially when it's about shoes! Saw soooo many gorgeous heels, but none of the stores really had my size, bummer! Me and my cousin made a bet, that I wouldn't leave Amsterdam without having at least one shopping bag..
We didn't bet for anything, but I wanted to win, since I want to show that I can leave the stores empty handed.. At one point I almost did win, until I went into Coolcat..

Coolcat always has cool stuff! I love that store..The one in Amsterdam was so unbelievably big, it really looked like a club. Working there must be so much fun. I decided to look around in the kid section for a change! Can you believe that the two things I bought that day, were from the kid section in Coolcat? And I'm not ashamed to say it.. I mean cute clothes, and cheaper than for actual women..Who wouldn't want that? The leopard tanktop I got was in a size 158-164 for little girls!! And I finally got some sunglasses that really fit my face well, also in the kid section!

I love that I can still buy clothes in the kid section haha! I love being petite!
How about you? Are you still able to buy something out of the kids racks?
Maybe not clothes, but caps or jewelry?


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  1. I can actually still buy kids things too...Shoes for sure and sometimes tops or pajamas. I don't do it very often but if something catches my eye I will!


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