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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Trend: Earlaces ❤

I'm really into all these ear accessories lately, the oh-so edgy ear cuffs, glamorous feather earrings and now I found something else to obsess about: the Earlace (Earrings/Necklace).

 It's just like the hair chain, but way more stylish I think! 
You can really find these earlaces in all sorts and lengths. 
You see this earlace that Rihanna is wearing on this picture? Hopefully I'll have the same one in a couple of days since I ordered it (a similar) today. But I'll make another blogpost about it some other time.

What do you think about this trend?


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  1. It looks really cool, but I doubt it'll suit me :/

  2. @Segments of Life,
    And I doubt that it won't suit you. Like I said there are many different kinds of earlaces, you just got to find one you really like!

  3. Becoming obsessed with these & I don't even own some yet! That peacock one is GORGEOUS!♥

  4. Love this!! Where can I find the peacock one??


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