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Monday, November 21, 2011

Event: Nelly HIGH HEELS ❤

Fact: you can always wake me up for fabulous shoes.

And when I think of fabulous shoes, I think of
Saturday night (19 Nov. 11) I attended the 'Nelly HIGH HEELS Event' in Utrecht.

The first 150 girls that got in line had the chance to choose a free pair of Nelly shoes, while the first 100 got an additional goodie bag with their new shoes!
Me, Omaily and Jennifer got in line at least 2 hours before the doors opened, and there were already so many girls (and a few guys?) in line. It was cold, our toes were freezing but luckily we were among the first 100 girls. We'd to anything for shoes!

If you missed this fabulous event, here are some pictures to sum up the awesome night!

Nelly Shoes: Alma (Red)

Nelly Shoes: Jemila (Tan) - This is my Top 1 of my 3 choices
Nelly Shoes: Ines (Brown) - This is my Top 2 of my 3 choices
Nelly Shoes: Forget your BF (Black) - This is my Top 3 of my 3 choices
Nelly Shoes: Ella (Glitter)
Nelly Shoes: Birgitte (Black/Tan)
Nelly Shoes: Loella (Black)
Nelly Shoes: Manon (Beige) - Leoni (Black/Beige) - Becky (Black)
Design Contest
 Since me and Omaily came all the way from the Hague, we had asked if there was any chance we could get our goodiebags before 11. But the answer was no, so Jen was nice enough to get our goodiebags for us. I have no idea what is in it, but I can't wait to find out.

 Did you also attend the Nelly HIGH HEELS event? If so, which city?
And how many hours have you been standing in line?
I would love to know which shoes you picked!


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  1. OMG!!! Being a shoe freak, I'm bombed & ashamed 2 say I missed this! ='(


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