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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Ages ago I did a post about WDYT? (What Do You Think?) asking your opinions about colored blazers.

Today I have a different WDYT? question.
As many of you Dutchies know, there is a new fashion magazine in town: FASHIONISTA.

The magazine really gives meaning to their name, since it's filled with fashion, fashion and more fashion! From the newest trends, to budget fashion, hair styling tips, must-have items....Fashionista really has it all!

Some girls say they love it, a few think it's just like any other fashion magazine (referring to a favorite, CosmoGirl)....But i'ts obvious that I love it!
What Do You Think?

One thing I know for sure, not only girls love Fashionista......
This is my cousin Benji, caught reading Fashionista. He claims he was reading "the man section". Don't mind the big afro and the army pants... lol.. love u Benji :p
Do any of your male family members, friends or your boyfriend also read fashion magazines?


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  1. I'm not really sure about the magazine yet. I like the articles about lifestyle, but I don't think the things about fashion are that interesting. But it's funny your cousin likes it! I love your blog by the way! xx


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