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Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Own Little Bucket List ❤

Only 31 days left till we enter the year 2012. And every end of the year I like to reflect back on the previous year to see what I have accomplished, and also make new goals for the upcoming year. It's nice to have a few goals in mind, and the will to make them happen!

I have come up with a perfect bucket list for me. Not just for 2012, since I don't believe (and hope) the world will be ending anytime soon, but also for the long run. Just where I want to see myself in about 5-10 years. Take a look.

The Place I'll call home.
Since I was younger I wanted to live in the USA, but especially in New York. Now I don't mind where I end up...Whether it's in New York, SoCal, L.A or Miami.. I just want to live the American Dream.
My Career.
This has been a dream of mine since I was little. I might actually make it come true one day.
Along with becoming a successful model, being a fashion designer and having a clothing like to call my own, these are my biggest dreams yet!

I am a girly girl, and love everything that has to do with beauty. Besides wanting my own fragrance, a makeup line is just as awesome!
I read fashion magazines a lot, and would just love to know how everything works behind the scene!
Every Girl wants a Perfect Love Life.
I love the idea of falling in love with the man who makes me feel worth it, the man that wants to be (and is) there for me in good and bad times, the man who will love me unconditionally.
I'd be crazy to let a man like that go, and therefor I would love to marry the man that means the world to me. And I want to mean the same thing to him. 
A Princess Wedding, that's all I want. I don't want a marriage with a Happy Ending. I want one that Never Ends. Till death do us part. Seems like those few words don't mean anything anymore nowadays.
I want me some of the cutest little babies I can call my own. To love them, spoil them and teach them about life.
 I just want to be Successful. And live it Up.
Not just Louboutins. I want a closet full of shoes.
Even though people claim the Kardashians only seek attention (which sometimes they do), I still look up to them because of their successful empire. I would love to be just as successful as them one day. And obviously they're all super gorgeous!
Just because....
 As you can see my bucket list is a long one. And I just know along the way it will become even longer.
I put them in a specific sequence since I believe in having success before having a family. Some people say money doesn't buy happiness. But I believe differently, having Success is a great joy! And being able to share that success with your family is just everything!

What is on your bucket list?
If you want to set up a list just like I did, check out the perfect bucketlist for all the graphics.


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  1. That is such a great list, you sound so similar to me! Hope these goals come true for you

  2. Almost like mine :D

    Have faith and always believe and you will see that everything you dream of will one day come true:)


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