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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pink Cigarettes: What's Your Opinion? ❤

I have never been one to have a smoke, nor will I ever. Even the smell kinda disgusts me and gives me instant nose allergies and massive headaches. That's why I can never be in a closed smoking area, cause I'd probably die. Currently I have been seeing a lot of things regarding cigarettes, that I just can't wrap my head around: The Girly-fied cigarettes

Everyone in their right mind knows that cigarettes will end up killing you. So the part that I don't understand is why they make cigarettes all pink and girly to make it more attractive to (young) females.
Lately I have been seeing this specific package of cigarettes on all types of Dutch blogs. It's called: Blush me from JSP. And by looking at it from the outside, you would probably think it really is a blush. How ridiculous!
Pictures are from: Miss Lipgloss
With their logan 'feeling special' they are just sending all the wrong messages to girls who are smoking, or girls who are thinking about starting! If the second one applies to you, please don't start! Cause it's not that easy to quit. I have no idea where they sell these, and even if I didn't I wouldn't post their name..I just think it's really ridiculous!

Here are some other examples!

 It's clear that the cigarette companies have no interest in the health of people, but only in making a lot of money. They know that adding the color pink and making it ultra girly would attract a whole lot of female smokers and even the non-smokers into buying more of these cigarettes! But don't fall for their trap.
It's not cool,
It's not fashionable
And simply it's not classy.

What is your opinion on these girly-fied cigarettes?
Do you agree or disagree with me? Or is it something you don't care for at all?


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