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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SPOTTED: Book Clutch ❤

I love how creative and inventive people can be when it comes to fashion. That's why I love spotting new ideas, new D.I.Ys and stuff like that. I know myself too well that the chance that I'll try them out is close to 3%, but maybe you have a more craftier side than I do.

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I can't find the original link where she explained how she did it, all I remember is that she took an old book and took of all the pages. Then I guess she glued (?) the little box-thingy together. It doesn't matter how precisely she did it, the point is you can do it too. The original and designer book clutches can cost up too $1330.00, so unless you can afford that, I'd say D.I.Y if you want to rock these clutches!

I find this book clutch to have a very vintage look to it, maybe it's the color.
What do you think?


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