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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2O12: New Year; New Changes ❤

First of all, since this is the first post for the new year, I want to wish you all a f-ckin awesome year 2012! I hope your New Year's Celebration was everything you wanted it to be. 

I know this might sound as cliche, but new years are always about making (better) changes. New Opportunities, New People, New Experiences! It sounds exciting, and it is.. but it's also scary. I'm planning on making a lot of changes this year, both in my personal life and on my blog. I am ready for a more exciting life where I seize every day! I want to get rid of the 'Im so bored/ It's so boring' feeling (which I have been getting A LOT last year) for good.
This year is going to be BIG! 
All the changes on my blog, you will notice soon enough! (Starting with the poll results)
There are also a lot more exciting news coming your way!
But for now I want to thank you for sticking with my blog for as long as you have. *xoxo*

What's on your list of changes, or what are you most excited about for this year?


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  2. Happy new year!
    I am so excited cause last year i closed my blog, and today a created a brand new blog, you should check it out:D

    with love,

    xenah christina

    ps: we follow eachother on twitter:P

  3. I'm SUPER excited about this year.. I got so many plans going on in my head, can't wait 2 start them off! =D Happy new year doll! =) ♥

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