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Monday, January 2, 2012

New In: Leoni ❤

In a previous post I felt the need to really express my honest feelings about Luckily things between us have gotten better, as a couple of days ago I received a pair of shoes I ordered. I am extremely happy about my new royal blue catch!
Nelly Shoes / Leoni
Leather & Rubber Sole. 

Size: 36, 37, 38, 39
Heel: 15,5 cm 
Platform: 5,5 cm

 I love the color, and I love that these are definitely statement shoes! Makes it easier to go from a 'simple top with jeans' outfit', to 'wooow, omg I'm in love with her style' outfit! When I held them in my hand, I panicked a little, because it looked really small. But luckily it fits perfectly.

Up to now, these pair of wedges are the highest heels I own. It's sad that with these on, I am still not longer than 1.65cm hahah. So I am definitely someone that doesn't mind walking in high heels. The higher the heels are, the better I walk in them! But one thing that is far more important than the height of the heels, is the level of comfort. There's no point in looking confident, walking high, but feeling miserable! I would know.


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