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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Orange for Queensday ❤

Tomorrow we celebrate Queensday which is another word for: Orange Fever. The streets will be filled with this bright and trendy color. I have no plans yet on how I'll be celebrating [but to be honest, I'm not feeling Queensday this year], nor what I'll be wearing...maybe these pictures might help. The secret is to keep the orange in your outfit very subtle rather than wearing multiple (5+) orange items, unless you are actually going for that "hello, I know it's crazy crowded in the streets, but I still want you to notice me" look. But I'm pretty sure a lot of people are going for that look.

All pictures from:
 Do you know what you're wearing (& where you're celebrating) yet?


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  1. good pictures !!

  2. Really cute pictueres. Orange is such a great color for summer, when you get a little tan!

  3. orange shoes! love it! :)
    i never thought about having orange shoes..until now..


  4. so inspiring and fresh!

  5. i LOVE all the orange! such a great bright color for spring!

  6. Erg leuk je inspiratie voor afgelopen koninginnendag, check mijn Queensday outfit op m'n blog:

    Ik ga je volgen, volg je terug?!



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