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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Proud Island Girl: W.I.C Colorfoul Curaçao ❤

Every time a fashion designer or brand decides to use the name Curaçao for his/their next big item, or every time there is a new beauty product named Curaçao, I get that little proud feeling inside. How come this tiny tiny island, one you can't even see on a world map, is still so popular?  The answer is unknown, but I love it!

If you're a beauty lover you probably know the nail polish brand, W.I.C by Herome. They are now coming out with a new limited collection called: Colourful Curaçao Collection. With 6 beautiful colors all named after some of Curaçao's lovely beaches.

If you want these new tropical shades in your nail polish collection, you have to hurry. They are going on sale as off today!! And we all know, limited collections never last long. Especially with beautiful colors like these. Each nail polish cost 7.50. But if you like more than one, you can also buy two for 12.50. For me that's going to be 37.50, because I NEED THE WHOLE COLLECTION. 

What do you think of the colors?
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  1. So many lovely shades.. I love the neon one!

    - Victoria

  2. omg i need to have this, where do i get them? xD


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