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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Studs 'N Spikes ❤

Everybody knows Studs and Spikes are definitely IN FASHION at the moment. They make any simple item look edgy. That is why I am super excited to see what Studs 'N Spikes will have in store for all fashion lovers. Luckily I won a Studs 'N Spikes pouch via twitter and yesterday I went to get it! A pouch is the perfect accessory to 'pimp' up the pockets of your blazers or denims and make them look ultra stylish. I chose this beautiful black and golden pouch with golden studs. 

I looove how it looks on my blazer!
 If you want to rock this trendy accessory like I will, be sure to pay a visit to SWAG FASHION STORE in Rotterdam [address: Oppert 292]. They sell them EXCLUSIVELY for 29.95. Go get yours now! And be sure to follow the master mind behind Studs 'N Spikes, Brian Nickson on twitter, so you'll be one of the firsts to know about new designs!

And also stay tuned for a lot more info about the new store SWAGFS on COTS! ;)

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  1. Cool stuff! really love the studs<3 I have a major obsession with it xox
    would you like to follow each other? :))

  2. Oeh heel leuk allemaal!
    Zeker een inspiratie :)
    Zondag kom je op me blog schat :D


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