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Friday, April 1, 2011

Marc Jacobs loves Curacao ❤

I'm having such a proud and happy feeling while doing this post!
The happy feeling is because I passed that major assignment I was talking about a few weeks ago. This means that 50% of my propaedeutic year is in the bag! All I have to do now is keep it this way! #yeahbuddy

The proud feeling is because I found out from my friend A Make-Up Lover♥ that Marc Jacobs has this new parfume called: Curacao! Now I have been saying I live in Holland for several months now.. But a lot of you might not know that I am originally from the beautiful island Curaçao! There is no way I can let this post go without a little bragging! Curaçao is located in the Caribbean, and is in the middle of Aruba and Bonaire! If you still have no clue where it is..It's in front of the coast of Venezuala.. The weather is super nice, always sunny (read: summer that lasts 365 days a year!) We love the sun as much as we love our beautiful beautiful beaches. Two things that match perfectly together. So if you're tired of the cold weather from where ever it is you live, or just want a tropical vacation: book to Curaçao :) Here's just a small little preview:
But now back to Marc Jacobs. The fragrance was inspired by the first sip of a cool, sweet cocktail on a sun-soaked summer day. Next to Curacao, Marc also introduced two other new Limited Edition Splash scents in Cranberry, Ginger. I just thought Curacao was more interesting to blog about hehe..Even the color of these Splash scents really give you that refreshing feeling and is enjoyable for men and women.

So what do you think? About Curacao and Curaçao? haha

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  1. i love it! this summer when I go to miami im gonna see if i can smell it, I wonder what it smells like hehehe

  2. Love Love LOVEEE this post!!! Our gorgeous little island! So wanna smell it.. I'm sure it matches the sweetness of Curacao! =)

  3. To bad its not available in the caribbean region!


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