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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's a Hair Situation! ❤

Recognize this dilemma? When I have straight hair, I want them curly..But when they're curly I can't wait to straighten them back! Typical girl thing!
I am never really satisfied with my hair, haha it's so sad!
I have been thinking lately about changing my hair, because when it comes to hair I get bored with it easily! I was thinking about coloring it maybe..maroon, black? I have no idea! I never colored my hair before so I'm kinda excited!
But I think I'll wait with the color change first.. my hair is so unhealthy and dry right now.. like I have split ends and I'm just not liking my hair as much lately!
I did recently buy this Andrélon cream which is supposed to repair the split ends, so we'll see how it works!

When I see girls with beaaautiful hair, like there is always a little part of me that gets jealous haha! Like for instance the girls on these pictures!
*SIGH* Some girls just have perfect hair! haha
What type of hair do you have? Or do you recommend any brands of hair products?

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  1. Same heree girl! I hate my hair sometimes but now I started to love it :)
    My hair is curly but I use my flat iron to straighten it!
    I did colored my hair to darkest brown (did it myself), and now I'm planning to make it soft black!

    If I can recommand you something, you better wait to make your hair look "healthy" before colouring it!

  2. Ik heb hetzelfde probleem! ik wil stijl haar als ik het krullend heb en krullend als het stijl is aha. Mooie fotos! xx

  3. Just voted for you. You have a great blog!


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