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Monday, March 28, 2011

Tutorial: Rainbow Water Marble Nails ❤

I love seeing all the nail arts tutorials on other blogs and youtube channels!
It makes me wish I was that creative with nail polish.. *sigh*
I am someone that can't stop buying nail polish, but when it comes to doing my nails I'm the worst and clumsiest person ever! I always get the polish all over my fingers instead of the nail where it is suppose to go in the first place haha! So for me to have my nails done, takes a lot of time.

So I think some of you might have heard already about Marble Nails. I simply love this nail art! You can create soooo many patterns and designs with your own nail polishes to give yourself a unique manicure! I found this tutorial on youtube, which doesn't need any further explanations really:

This is so cool! And you can just create a look like this or any other art with different color nail polishes of your choice! In the video she doesn't really explain what it is you exactly need, but she did add some others links that perfectly explain all of that. If you go on her youtube channel 'Simple Little Pleasures' she has so many other Marble Nails look tutorials. And on her personal blog you can see the looks in picture form.

I sure am going to try this once, maybe not with all the neon colors she used..but I sure want to see how mines will look like! Some people say that if you try this with fake nails rather than your own nails, it's much easier. Others argue about the temperature of water that works best. Honestly, I don't know.. I just think for everybody it works differently, you just have to try and find out for yourself!

What did you think of this look? Have you ever tried water marbling (is that the word? xD) your nails already? Show me pictures of how it turned out :)

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  1. oh my gosh!!!!!! sooo coool! I'm definitely gonna try this out, hopefully this weekend with my new nail polishes, hope it works =]

  2. WOW!! cool..thanks for finding and sharing this tutorial girly.

  3. WOW!!! I sooo wanna try this out! Not sure if I can pull it off though.. I already see a big mess coming up haha..


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