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Monday, March 28, 2011

To Look Stylish You Gotta D.I.Y ❤

What's more fun than making your own clothes? Not that I do it on regular basis, but I would love to start doing it more often! It lets you express your creativity, and makes you stand out with your unique designs.
I found this DIY photo tutorial on my tumblr dashboard but was originally posted by D.I.Y projects. I thought it was really fun to try it out sometime..Especially now that "warm" weather is coming up!
A very easy and simple look, but still very cute!

Are you into D.I.Y fashion or do you know any other D.I.Y looks? Share with us :)

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  1. I made that same shirt for carnival season. I think I also saw that same picture. Its really really easy ;)

  2. I've been wanting to try a diy look recently i might try this as it doesn't look too difficult x

  3. so cool.I adore DIY projects.
    i think your blog is grat and following.


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