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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Celebs Styles I Love: The Kardashians ❤

We can't deny, we all look up to certain celebrities when it comes to fashion & style. I admire how they can be super laid back one time, and then all glammed up the next. But no matter what they wear, I know it's always true to their personal style! BIG kudos to them and their personal stylists.

In this post I'll share some of my personal favorite outfits of: the Kardashians.
This family is loved, liked but also hated by many. But no matter what your feelings are towards this famous reality-tv family, it's a fact that the Kardashians are gorgeous women with great sense of style. 

Kim's outfits:

Kourtney's outfits:

Khloe's outfits:
all pictures are from tumblr
 I see pieces of my own personal style in each of these outfits. They always looks so classy, so feminine and super stylish. I wish I could raid their closets!

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  1. we have to admit it.they are all very stylish!nice post and great pic selection.

  2. Love them too
    Beautiful and stylish

  3. I love their style, I think Kourtney's is my favorite!

  4. People can hate, but I absolutely adore the Kardashians! Their style is beyond amazing; Their whole family has style!

  5. I'm sorry to say this but I really don't like the Kardashians, I just don't like the way they portray themselves to the public eye and how they're famous for nothing :-(


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