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Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Fashion Wishes #003 ❤

I have been in an extreme shopping mood lately, wanting to buy every single wearable thing I see. But then again, when did I not... I'm almost convinced it's a disease! A few days ago I saw these bright yellow shoes, and I thought they were the most gorgeous things ever.. I even saved the link into my Wishlist Bookmarks, that's how in love I was and still am.

Aren't they just something???  I MUST AND SHALL GET THEM!

As if I need more convincing as to why I need these shoes in my life, I've created a few outfits to pair them up with. 
Before, I was never really a fan of anything maxi-, but this trend has definitely grown on me. Especially since they introduced the asymmetrical twist to it, like "I don't want to show off my legs..but I'll give you a glimpse". You can wear a maxi-skirt with basically any top, but I went for the bralet. The one on the left being a bit more casual. 
Leopard and Peplum. Two trends I just can't get enough off. I like the outfit on the left the most, because of the accessories. The green jewelry, the multicolored bag and the bright yellow shoes, somehow just look so good with the leopard pants. 
It's been a while since I got really glammed up, so I had the most fun making these outfits. Not typical outfits to wear yellow shoes with, but that's why it works for me. I'm not a matchy-matchy type girl, ask anybody! The light purple dress reminds me of prom. But my favorite is the print dress. A lot is going on on there, and the accessories add a lot to that. But it still doesn't look too much, for me that is. The dark red lipstick was just the perfect finishing touch!

 What do you think of the shoes (and my outfits)?

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