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Friday, August 17, 2012

My Perfect Birthday Dress ❤

In exactly one month it's my 22th birthday AND my Propaedeutic Graduation, so it's going to be a very very special day for me. No wonder I'm already stressing  out about my perfect outfit for both events. Luckily I still got somewhat enough time. I've been on the haunt for a few days now and so far these are some of the potential perfect birthday dresses. I want something that screames "Sophisticated but still Sexy", "I'm way too hot for 22" etc hahah.

Potential Dresses from
1 2 3 4 5 is more a site I visit when I feel the urge to buy new shoes. I never really browsed through their other clothing and especially not their dresses. But I thought it was time. Thank God I did, cause I definitely liked a few of them very much. And the prices of some are very affordable.
1 2 3 4
I also liked these dresses, but I thought they're not really party dresses. So, perfect for my graduation. All four have a touch of sweetness and playfulness to them. I definitely want to wear a blazer to make it seem more professional, so I'll just have to choose a dress that will look good with one. I'm really liking the mint peplum dress, especially with the thought of pairing it up with a white blazer. 

 Potential Dresses from
1 2 3 4
Missguided always has clothes that belong right in my closet. Everything is just exactly my style. I just have to figure out if their dresses are right for my occasions. The first purple dress is way too revealing for a graduation since the top is totally sheer, but the flowyness is way too casual for a birthday dress. The second dress on the other hand is something I would definitely wear on my birthday. The color is just perfect. The other dresses are very pretty, but I feel like the top piece is more dressy than the bottom. Arrgg so frustrating. 

Potential Dresses from LuLu's
1 2 3 4 5
These dresses from LuLu's got me even more confused. They are definitely dresses I would wear to a party, just not my party. Except maybe number 3 and 4?

I'm having such a hard time deciding which dress I want for which occasion. All though all these dresses have something that I really like about them, I'm afraid none of them really have that eye-catching detail that I'm looking for. Especially for my birthday I want something that catches many attention as soon as I walk in LOL. I need more options!! Do you have any online shop you might recommend? Tell me which you dress you liked best!

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  1. Missguided. Dress nr 3 or 4 .. They are different but still super sexy !!

  2. their all hot hard descisionnn !! goodluck


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