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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On Its Way: Dress + Leggings ❤

Creme Maya One Shoulder Dress19.95
I received an email yesterday from rewarding me with a 10 voucher! I couldn't let that go to waste since there was a very cute dress I wanted to get. I was planning on getting it a few days ago, but something told me not to do so that moment. Thank God I listened to my gut, because the voucher made it so much cheaper. And to make the most use of the voucher, I decided to buy a pair of leopard leggings as well.
Leopard Leggings11.95
Can't wait for my order to get hereeee!

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  1. I got that mail too. Bought two shoes and paid 1.95. So awesome!

    1. 2 shoes for 1.95 euro? wow that was one hell of a bargain!


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