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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WANT: KA`OIR Lipsticks ❤

I never heard of the makeup brand KA`OIR Cosmetics before, until I saw Snooki mention it in one of her Instagram photos yesterday. She also has her own PINK (duh!) lipstick from this brand. It's actually a really cute baby pink color. I was thinking about getting it, but then I saw three other colors I really really liked. And now I'm thinking about getting all four shades. Thank God they ship worldwide!
SNOOKILICIOUS - on sale for $18.99 || "Beautiful Baby Pink Lipstick by Snooki. It has a matte/satin finish."
INVISIBLE - new shade for $15.99 || "This Invisible Nude Lipstick is so subtle."
TRULY OUTRAGEOUS - on sale for $18.99 || "It's very smooth, neon and rich & in color. Super bright & long lasting."
"SEX - $15.99 || "Naught deep cranberry plum red lipstick that will drive him insane."

What do you think of these shades? Check out more shades on KA`OIR Cosmetics. They also have other makeup products, like Glitzsticks (totally gonna buy me one soon as well), Nail Lacquers, Eye Shadows, Primers and more. 

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  1. OMG!!! I super like the colors most especially the invisible. I like its nude color bringing out the natural color of the lips. I guess i have to put some lip gloss on it to make it look better.


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