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Saturday, November 3, 2012

New In: Pastry Sneakers ❤

In my last post I told you that I was going to the Pastry Sample Sale. I was determined to get three new pairs of Pastry shoes, just so I could double up on the amount of pairs I already had before. I succeeded. At first I was a little sad though, because some of the pairs I wanted at first sight were not available in my size :( And after three pairs of hearing they don't have my size, I sent on of the guys to get me pairs of the shoes they did have in my size. Luckily he came through for me! :D 
The sight of all these pink boxes is just ___

This huge shoe was in the showroom of Juffrouw Jansen and I looooved it. In my next house I'll get something like this as a staircase. Lol
And now to the shoes I bought!
 from the Old Collection: SIRE ESPADRILLE LO, Color: GREY CHEETAH, Size: 5.5
.    from the Old Collection: SIRE ESPADRILLE HI, Color: WHITE CHEETAH, Size:5.5
from the New Collection: SIRE VARSITY PUNK, Color: BLACK, Size 5.5
I paid a total of 75, which is pretty AWESOME! The original price of the black pair alone was 89.95, so go figure! :D I can't wait till Pastry is having another Sample Sale, I'll be there for sure!!

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