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Thursday, December 27, 2012

New In: My Dusseldorf Haul ❤

So last saturday I went on a short 1-day trip to Dusseldorf in Germany. We traveled by a big double deck tourbus and 3 hours later we arrived around 12 o'clock. We walked around a few Christmas bazaars where they were selling all types of cute little holiday gifts. But me and my two friends wanted to do some serious clothes shopping, so we went on a hunt for some cute stores. It's funny how we ended up going to stores like Tally Weijl and New Yorker, even though we have them in Holland as well. Surprisingly these stores were soooo much bigger than what I'm used to in the Hague. We did manage to get some really nice stuff!
Funny how everything I bought is either very edgy from the metallic (gold/silver) trend or very girly in the rose pink color. Wasn't intentional at all.

Everything accept the GORGEOUS heels are from New Yorker. The heels are from this store called: JUMEX. They sell the most amazing shoes and handbags! New Yorker had a HUGE sale! Most prices were reduced to just 10, can you believe it?! I almost went insane! And the store was sooo packed that it even got a little cramped. Since I was still wearing my winter outerwear, I felt like almost faunting at one moment lol. Funny story (not really) : when I was checking out, this lady (who must have thought I don't speak Dutch) standing behind me told her friend that she thought I had a great style! That compliment felt so awesome hahah

Can't wait to make more of these trips with my friends, especially if they'll be shopping involved. 

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