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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Plain Plaid ❤

Plaid has definitely made a fashionable comeback this season and I am a fan! I love the 90's rocker-chic feel it gives an outfit: can you say instant statement? There are so many ways to wear a plaid blouse, because they are very versatile. They're almost like a basic must-have. 
Look 1: The first look is very risky and for fashion "daredevils" as I combined the monochrome trend for the top and bottom. Even though the grids and color design are totally different from each other, I still feel like it works really well together. I paired the rest of this outfit with black chunky heel shoes and this black/white/cream clutch to give it an overall dressy look. Look 2: The second look is more of a "messy" look. The grey sweatpants and the sneakers definitely gives it an "I don't want to seem like I put in too much effort"-casual look. To finish this outfit, I would do the beanie justice by having a messy hair look. I think this is a perfect long-day-at-college outfit.  
Look 3: I'm loving the "unoriginal" way to wear a plaid blouse, which is by tying the long sleeves around your waist. I've seen so many outfits like that and I yet haven't come across one that I disliked. That's why I created this look. I think by wearing shorts, the plaid blouse around the waist looks a lot more edgier. Especially with some brown combat boots. And by wearing a funny tee, it's a cross between a tough and playful look. Look 4: The dip-dye pattern of this blue plaid blouse works perfectly with some matching disco pants.And to put the focus on the high-waist of the pants, the blouse will look better tucked in. To finalize this outfit, I chose for classy black high-heeled sandals and a big statement black bag. I love how both the shoes and the bag have gold detailing. The yellow statement necklace is totally unexpected and serves for a pop of bright color. 

Plaid blouses are so trendy right now, so you probably won't have a hard time finding them in stores/online. But I know Forever21 and Missguided really have some cute ones! 

What do you think about this trend? And which outfit is more your style?

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  1. Ja ik ben gek op de plaid blouse! Ik heb er zelf al twee :)

    Ik organiseer samen met CoolCat een leuke giveaway! Je kan namelijk 2x2 VIP kaarten winnen voor Release the Beast party. Het lijkt mij leuk als je meedoet :)



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