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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Trend: Matching Seperates ❤

I've seen this trend so much in the past summer, but I'm still digging it this fall. I'm talking about the Matching Seperates. They're literally separate items (tops and bottoms) in the same design/color/patterns. On some online shop you can also find them under the name 'two-piece suits'. I love the idea of the wearing matching pieces together. The only bad thing about them are: 2 pieces, so obviously two prices :( I've collected a few of my favorites that I've seen recently just for you. 
These two are so stylish, don't you think? I am kinda in love with them. They're both from this online store I recently discovered: RUE107. Their prices are a little over my budget though.. but it sure doesn't hurt to fond over them. Loose Crop Top left: $105.00 - Bottom left: $80.00 - Loose Crop Top right: $105.00 - Bottom right: $95.00
All three "two-piece suits" above are from CHOiES. What I love about these is, they are just one price! The white retro patterned suit is my favorite! Too bad it's out of stock at the moment. (I still wanted to show you anyway lol) A close second is the red playful Mickey Mouse suit. Suit middle: $67.99 - Suit right: $54.99
And the last four are obviously from Missguided! I can't pick a favorite here, cause they are all really cute. Not typical fall/winter wear, but you can also create that look with stockings and such! Print Shorts left: €26.33 - Crop Top left: €19.74 - Aztec Shorts middle: €23.03 - Crop Top middle: €32.91 - Embellished Shorts middle: €59.25 - Crop Top middle: €72.42 - Skater Skirt right: €15.79 - Bralet right: €26.33

What's your take on this trend? And do you think they're only a summer trend or can you rock them in fall/winter too?

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  1. These look so cute! I love the missguided ones! :) Great post xx

  2. I can't be more in love with the one in the right from missguided!! It's gorgeous!!! I want it right now ♡

    Kisses from Live. Laugh. Love & Make Up

  3. The Missguided ones are GORGEOUSSS!! I love them all, I can't choose a fave either :( x

  4. Deff love this ! Will be looking to purchase a couple of things ! Thanks :)


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