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Thursday, April 17, 2014

New In: YOUNG HUNGRY FREE Pink Floral Pants ❤

Heey lovies! Don't you just love when you've purchased something, totally forgot about it, only for it to appear in your mailbox weeks later? It's like being a kid on Christmas morning! Or just an indication that I might be shopping just a tad bit too much.. But either way, I received these beautiful floral pants today and I couldn't wait to try them on and give you guys a look. These beauties are from YOUNG HUNGRY FREE, a shop I discovered with the help of Jenn Im. They are a total hidden gem, if you ask me!
YOUNG HUNGRY FREE Zip Slit Ankle Pants in Pink Floral
After ripping the package open and trying the pants on, I immediately had outfit visions. Does that ever happen to you? I am totally loving these pants with my new Nelly heels and maybe a white bralet on top. Or white sandals with a black moto jacket. Endless possibilities. And these beauties were less than €16 with additional €3(!!) intl shipping costs. Now on to the not so good part: the pants do not have the best quality, so I'll definitely be hand washing these. And because they are Asian sizes, you have to be really careful when converting them into your usual sizes. My thigh area feels a bit tight when sitting. But I don't know, maybe that's just because I've been squatting a lot lately HAHA.
YOUNG HUNGRY FREE Zip Slit Ankle Pants in Pink Floral
All top photos failed unfortunately! 
YOUNG HUNGRY FREE Zip Slit Ankle Pants in Pink Floral
I'll take the good with the not so good qualities, because these are still very pretty and SS/14 appropriate. I can definitely see myself purchasing other items from YOUNG HUNGRY FREE soon. You should take a look as well! :-) But for now, how do you like my new floral pants?


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  1. xD so i guessed wrong i was thinking between a pencil skirt and a pants but i went for the skirt. guess i was wrong hahaa. it looks gorgeous!!! color suits you amazingly! u should definitely post 3 ways you would style this great pants :D :D xxx <3

    1. Hahah you were wrong indeed! Thanks Fabi :D I'll consider the 3 ways to wear suggestion, because it'll be so hard shooting the pics by myself. But we'll see XD <3

  2. Heerlijk, zo'n felgekleurde broek!

    Jules x

  3. these pants are gorgeous :) I love floral patterns :)

  4. Wat een gave broek! Staat super leuk en wat is hij lekker zomers! x


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