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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Outfit: First KingsNight at Club Vie ❤

Heey lovies! Can't believe my last blog post was over a week ago. School has been drowning my social and bloggerslife lately. But I did get to party last Friday night for the very first Dutch Kingsnight. I think it might take me a few more years to get used to saying King instead of Queen haha. Me and a couple of friends from school went to Club Vie, mainly because August Alsina was making an appearance! ❤___❤ The club was PACKED, you literally could not stand in one spot without getting pushed to the side. But the music was so good, so by the end of the night I literally had to declare my feet as being dead...
Outfit First Kingsnight Club Vie Rotterdam August Alsina
Outfit First Kingsnight Club Vie Rotterdam August Alsina
Whenever I go out, it's always such a hassle for me to decide what to wear. I didn't want to look all patriotic and wear the flag colors or orange. So in the end, I decided to pair my new black bralet top from H&M with a neon pink peplum skirt from Bershka. Had this skirt for precisely one year and this was the first time wearing it. For the shoes, I went with the simplest pair of black H&M wedges. I wanted to look cute, but I also wanted to be able to dance comfortably for at least 3 hours ya feel me? 
Watch August smile at and "sing" to me :$ haha

How did you celebrate Kingsnight/Kingsday?


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  1. ahh dat cute smile. You look gorgeous ^_^

  2. You look amazing!! Your skirt is perfect..super glam!

  3. that skirt <3 and great call on the wedges for clubbing.

  4. wat zag je er mooi uit!
    wij zijn op koningsdag lekker naar utrecht geweest

    it takes 2 to fashion

  5. O.M.G. I LOVE August Alsina. He's beautiful <3 X


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