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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

WANT: Pretty Summer Hair ❤

Heey lovies! Just met an important deadline and I got an 8 on a Microsoft Access assignment I had so much trouble with, so my day has been going pretty good! How about yours? Every day that goes by, I'm a little more excited to get off from school and finally enjoy the summer. It really makes me want to give my hair a little make-over. I'm always wearing it loose or in a high bun, so I think it's time to change things up a bit! One moment I'm thinking I want to go burgundy red, the next moment I see Vanessa Hugdgens' blue mermaid hair and I'm in love! I decided to browse around on weheartit, to help me find the perfect summer hair styles. So I'll get a bit of an idea of 
summer 2014 hair styles
summer 2014 hair styles
summer 2014 hair styles
summer 2014 hair styles
As you can see I'm still totally crazy about the flower-in-hair trend. And I would love to rock some pastel hair this summer. But I don't think I have the courage to do so :( But we'll see, maybe one day I'll wake up in a crazy pastel hair mood and totally go through with it! Don't worry you guys will be one of the firsts to know, what new summer hair style it's going to be...

What is YOUR favorite summer hair style?


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  1. love :)

  2. I think you should try the blue. I was thinking of doing it too. And I just might

    1. Yes, I'm really liking that idea! Oeeeh I'm curious to see!

  3. Perfect inspiration! I love all of the curly looks with the flowers<3

  4. I totally want to grow my hair out now... so pretty!

  5. These are all sooo cute!! omg in totally in love with all of these! I used to rock red highlights in my hair but it was done below half of my hair and not on top. so it had a nice effect and the longer i had it and let it grow out the more it became a fire effect. tho its not a summer thing xD I look more rocker-like with it. id prolly go with blond highlights something light since ive been only dying my hair mahogany and colors in that direction.

    why dont u use those colorchalks for your hair to see if pastels would look nice ;)


  6. I'm loving lilac hair at the moment! Be I'd be too scared to dye my own that colour. Also loving big braids at the moment!


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