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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a little Chat ❤

Hello my beautiful readers!

No real post today! Just a little chat..
I am so happy where my blog is right now, getting lovely comments and more followers each day! As you can see I am so close to 100 followers, and I'm so psyched to reach that point! And when I do, I'll have my first (official) giveaway for all my followers worldwide.
Speaking of giveaway.. I am having a Urban-Stiletto giveway for the Dutchies, Germans and Belgians (the store only ships to these countries, sorry). The giveaway would be closing in 9 days..But, because the amount of entries are close to nothing, I decided to move up the deadline to 15th of April!!. The rules for my giveaway are all here.

About the bloggers contest: I am super super appreciative of everyone that voted for me until now! But the end is not here yet! PlEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep voting for me. The competition ends until 16th of April, so I still have hope to win. The site is in Dutch, but no biggie.. Here is everything you need to know to fill in correctly. Go to the Bloggers Contest site and fill in: your name (naam), your email, the blog you vote for which is: Confessions of this Shopaholic (ik stem op..), the code and then send (verzenden). You can vote every 24 hrs.. If you can remember to vote more than once, please do.. I need all the votes I can get! Thank you so much <3

Any questions, remarks feel free to contact me :


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  1. loved the chat!! just voted for you again!! Good luck girly!

  2. omgg this blog is amazing! i love itt <3 x



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