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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sephora Madness ❤

I am in such a good mood at the moment!! I got home like an half hour ago after hanging out with some friends from school <3
The whole day I was excited, because of the thought of going to Sephora right after school. I found out just today that everyone with this type of VIP card (for V&D) could purchase Sephora products (3 for 10 euro special) today instead of waiting till tomorrow!
We were like 5 girl friends with just one VIP card (afterwards they didn't even ask for it!!), so we decided to just grab everything we wanted and just put them all in one basket later. We had so much stuff, we had to use another basket haha! But it was so much fun!! The store was packed! People were just like ants, all walking crazy around eachother, going from one table to the other. The only problem (just a small little problem) was that at one point there were no 'test products' in sight, so I just had to pick some close options to my skin color. So hopefully I picked out the right ones, I'm pretty sure I did. In all I got like 9 products.. In my basket it seemed so much, but I am sad I didn't take more lol.. That's why I'm going back tomorrow hahah!!
When we were all done shopping we had to Sephora shopping bags filled with products and one long loooong receipt!! We thought it was hilarious so we were just checking out all the items we got! In total we spend like €150!! NO JOKE! But that wasn't even the funny part.. There was also a price without the whole discount thing.. You would never guess how much the makeup really was.. almost €500!!!!! Hahaha #daaaaamn.
But anyways, let me just show you what I got haha :D

4 Sephora eyeshadows
(top left -right; bottom left; right):
❤ favorite song Nº22
❤ swimming pool Nº37
❤ fame (yaaaaay Chris Brown: GO GET HIS NEW ALBUM, lol) and fortune Nº43
❤ mysterious forest Nº46

1 Blush me! blush:
❤ corail frisson nº5

1 Sun disk bronzing powder
❤ clair light 01
(I guess a lot of people touched it before I did, lol.. oh well)

1 Sephora Perfecting cover foundation
❤ clair light 01

1 Sephora hydrating & smoothing foundation
❤ D 35

1 Sephora Smooting primer

There were some other things I wanted to get, but if I don't have the chance to go tomorrow I wouldn't feel that bad..I am really satisfied with what I got today!

What do you think of my Sephora purchased items?
What did you get? Or what are you getting?
Let me know or send me links (pictures) <3

tip from one shopper to another: if you're planning on going tomorrow or any day ever that, GO EARLY! :)

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  1. Great! You got some nice stuff. :D :D I know the feeling after buying so much stuff. A true shopaholic feeling lol.

    I think I'm going for lip products and blushes. Maybe some contouring and highlight products. Uhmm.. not sure what else but planning on buying quiet some stuff. hahahah

  2. @GlamorousGia: I want moreeee!! friend bought this really nice soft pink lipstick (S04 Delirious Rose) maybe its a tip for you! Another friend bought other lipsticks! They were all very nice.. now I feel bad I didnt buy any hahah..

  3. @PrncszTffny I will look for the S04 and see if it is anything for me. The lipsticks are pretty good and smooth on the lips. I have 2 hot pink and purple. You should get some! ;)

  4. WOW..girly looks like you got some real good stuff..Congrats always have the cutest posts.

  5. I'm sooooo jealouuussss!!!!!!! I'm on a shopping diet so no shopping for me right now but I so wished I had a Sephora here. Soon Soon Soon!


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