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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sephora: 3 for €10 ❤

I remember how crazy I got last year when Sephora had the 3 for 10 special! NOW IT'S BACK!
Sephora lovers, mark 21nd of March in your agenda.. cause the Sephora 3 for 10 special IS BACK and you don't want to miss it! 

I haven't been in Sephora for a while, so I'm definitely excited to see what items I will bring home.
Unfortunately, my class schedule is PACKED that day :( but I have a great strategy.
I'll see if I can give Sephora a visit today or tomorrow, to see which items I definitely want and write them down.. So if I do get the time to drop by I know exactly what to grab first! I know for a fact the good items don't last long!!! (sidenote: if you live in the Hague, I request you to please not take my advice, cause that's where I live! :p) The special ends on 8th of April!

Who's going to take advantage? Stay tuned for my haul!


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  1. ogod am soo jealous :( ihihihih have fun i hope u grab nice things

    1. And I hope I get the time to stop by V&D soon :p

  2. OMG! & just a few days ago I was googling about this but couldn't find the date! Should've known who 2 ask =P Good thing I bumped into the post though..

    1. I'm like your everyhing-fairy hahahah :D


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