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Friday, April 8, 2011

a 10 for Inspiration #009

Hey girlies, this time I made sure to post the weekly 'A 10 for Inspiration' post on Friday! It's already 8th of April! Time is flying by fast, don't you think?

Here are the wonderful pictures (according to me!):

So what do you think? Hot or So Not? Let me know!

Enjoy your weekend honeys! Any special plans?

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  1. I loved the first picture and those sunglasses. They are sooo cute

  2. i really really like your blog! i am fan! check out my blog too: x

  3. die 1e nailart is echt supervet! :D

  4. great pics! really inspiring! second photos is cool!

  5. loved the first photo.


  6. I really want those Khaki boots!! Tooo die foooor!

    Smooches, love and fabric xxx

  7. LOVING the nail art in pic #1.. I SOOO wanna get that!!! Omg..


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